KELOWNA — About 500 people took part in the Terry Fox Run in Kelowna on Sunday. It’s a milestone year for the annual run, marking 35 years since Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope.

“Thirty-five years that this run has been going on and it’s happening in over 700 communities including Kelowna and it’s just amazing to see the turnout not only of Kelowna community members but also our student body that’s come out from UBCO,” says Kelowna run organizer, Greg Mather.

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For several years, UBC Okanagan (UBCO) students organized their own run on the campus and this year is the first where Kelowna’s community Terry Fox run was held at the university. The event bringing together people to show support for people like Leslie Flamand and her dad Armand, both cancer survivors.

“I had prostate cancer,” says Armand. “I had surgery and I have been okay since, but then five years ago I came down with skin cancer on my nose and cheek and that’s all gone now too.”

Leslie, 48, was diagnosed with cancer when she was 17-years-old.

“I’ve had 31 years of life beyond cancer, I’ve had doctors tell me I won’t have kids or that I won’t survive,” says Leslie. “I’ve had two children and it’s thanks to the Terry Fox Foundation that I’ve had an incredible life.”

Like the Flamand’s, many taking part in the run have been impacted by cancer themselves or through a family member.

“My grandfather was affected by cancer, so it hits close to home,” says first-year UBCO student Kevin Cho.

Everyone is supporting the fight to find a cure and not only remembering Terry Fox, but using his legacy as motivation to keep fighting.

“It’s inspired me to continue to do what I do everyday,” says Leslie. “So many have gone because of this horrible insidious disease and it’s time that nobody die or be sad anymore, just like Terry’s dream.”