Four Duke University students got some real-world training when they found themselves faced with an unresponsive professor earlier this month.

Marketing professor George Grody was found slumped over in his chair inside a classroom, not breathing and without a pulse.

Twenty-year-old pre-med student Kirsten Bonowitz was in the library when she heard people yelling for help.

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    Emergency Medical Services

“At that point, someone came out of a classroom fairly close to us, shouting does anyone know CPR? And serendipitously, his eyes just kind of fell on us. The three of us in our EMT uniforms,” Bonowitz told WRAL.

Bonowitz ripped open Grody’s shirt while another student, Ritika Patil used three electric shocks from a defibrillator before they were able to get a pulse. Patil said that she had never used a defibrillator on a real patient before.

Two other pre-med students were involved: Kristen Bailey, who did chest compressions and Kevin Labagnara who performed CPR.

The students’ quick actions helped revive the professor until EMS was able to get to the scene.

Grody suffered a heart attack, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“That felt really good, and it still feels really good. I would love to be a doctor someday and feel that good all the time,” Bonowitz said.