WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg family is pleading for their 12-year-old son to be brought home after an alleged parental abduction by his biological mother.

Late Saturday, police issued a Canada-wide warrant for Charlotte McMahon after she failed to bring her son, Tristan McMahon home from an overnight supervised visit.

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“We phoned in the morning to pick him up and grandma said that they were gone,” said stepmom Wendy Tronrud. “She had taken her car, keys, purse, all her money, packed the cats up and some belongings and all his photos and they were gone.”

The 35-year-old and her son were last seen in the area of St. James near Ness Avenue and Sturgeon Road.

“There have been tips that have come in, however nothing has been confirmed,” said Cst. Eric Hofley.

There have been no sightings reported of the duo or the car they are suspected of being in.

The young boy had recently moved in with his father and stepmom after concern’s about his mother’s mental state were brought up.

They also said legally his last name is McMahon-Tronrud although police said they couldn’t verify for that.

The family is concerned for his well being and said his mom suffers from a mental illness and has not been taking her medication.

“That’s our biggest worry is that she’s not thinking clearly so we just really want to hear from her,” said Tronrud. “She needs help. We are worried about him being alone with her right now.”

The young boy’s father was distraught and said the family has not been able to sleep since his son was taken.

McMahon is descried as 5’4” with a medium build, tattoos and red hair.  She may be wearing a brown jacket, black tights and dark shoes.

Tristan is described as 5’4 with a medium to heavy build and short brown hair. He could be wearing a grey t-shirt with yellow printing on the front, jeans and white runners.

Photo provided by family.

Photo provided.

Courtesy police.

The Tronrud’s said McMahon’s brother lives in British Columbia and police there have been in contact with him. They were able to speak with him earlier as well and he said he has not heard from his sister.

It’s unclear which direction McMahon could be driving.

Police said the she will be travelling in a black, four door Kia  with a Manitoba plate reading GVW 620.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.