REGINA – Two wheels, 25 kilometres per hour, and over 100 laps. These are the numbers that are going to get Lucas Henwood in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest ATV wheelie.

“Riding with the front tire in the air is all balance,” Henwood said after his attempt. “Focus on your balance; tell yourself every ten seconds.”

“I’ve seen him do 115 laps consistently at one time,” said Henwood’s friend and coach Chad Metz.

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Metz coached Henwood through countless hours of training to get up to the triple-digit mark in laps. Henwood quickly past the old record at the 21-lap mark, and then he upped the ante; drift racers began to also cut laps on the track.

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“That’s one of his favourite stunts I guess. So when the drifters came out here last year to do some racing he fell in love with the idea of bringing drifters out here while he was on the track,” said Metz.

“I love the drifters,” said Henwood. “People are out to watch them, and I’m just a bonus.”

After more than two hours and covering 50 kilometres, Henwood finally dropped down to two wheels after 102 laps.

“Feels good. It was a good run. It was a good ride; great ride,” said Henwood.

He also set up the event to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. All the of the gate admission, concessions, and a $1,000 donation from King’s Park Speedway are going to the charity.

“Cancer’s hit my family hard, the same as most. It’s a worthy cause. I’m the lucky one, I just want to ride and if I can do something good with it that’s the goal.”

Once Guinness verifies the footage of the attempt and witness testimony, Henwood will officially find himself in the record book.